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Getting Jobs in Zambia is now getting simpler due to many facts, however many people still find it hard to get Best Zambia Jobs and Employment Opportunities. By the time you finish to read this article, you will have at your fingertips the how, where and when to get a Job opportunity in Lusaka. l

First, I should let you know that this very website list new Jobs in Zambia every day. You just need to check out the Zambia Jobs as they get listed.

Tips For Getting Jobs in Zambia

There are some simple rules which must be followed if you really want to get Jobs in Zambia easily. You can go though them below;

Be Social

As the old saying goes, no man is an island, being social is one of the key issues which will help you to quickly get that job in Zambia. Join Whatsapp groups of your community, it can be communities of your home country or even people of related interests like Job seekers who are already in Zambia. Many Jobs opportunities in Zambia are always shared through these groups and very many people have got jobs through them. There are also many facebook groups and pages which are specifically for Jobs in Zambia. You can check out our page Facebook page for more job opportunities. Many of those groups share information on the latest Walk in interviews in Zambia

Organize your CV

Make sure you have a well written and well organized CV, it is better to give your CV to your friends so that they can give you a fair critique. Be fair with your CV by avoiding lies. A good CV will land you a job in Zambia faster.

Security Tips There are many conmen who are bent on scamming desperate Job seekers in Zambia. Many of them even go far as posting fake jobs on some Zambia Jobs websites so as to collect people’s information. They will then pretend to offer a job to a job seeker and ask for money in the process. Job seekers in Zambia are advised never to pay any money to any one claiming to offer a job in exchange for money. The Zambia laws even do not allow asking for money from job seekers. . It is also possible to get career specific jobs by following these Tips

Zambia Flag. As Many people look for Jobs in Zambia. We remain one nation

How to get Accounting Jobs

Though accounting jobs should be in plenty, they are increasingly become scarce yet those needing to find accounting jobs are increasing. Just like the marketing and finance jobs, accounting jobs also command a big salary. An accountant can fill any management position just because the subject is a bit dynamic.

My first advise to those looking for accounting jobs is that they should also look beyond the box and also apply for other management jobs since many of such jobs require people who studied accounting.

The worst side of it is that people who have studied accounting are no longer rare, many people today have accounting qualification and many more are soon getting them. To be out of the big cloud of the people who are looking for accounting jobs, an accountant should always strive to add to the qualifications they have. This means that if you have an accounting diploma you should go for an accounting degree and the one with a first degree should go for masters.

Many employers today also prefer workers with accounting professional qualifications like ACCA and CIMA which are internationally recognized. If you have them, it will get easier for you to get an accounting job and you will have reduced on the job competition you will have to deal with. So, as you look for accounting jobs, make sure you also get time to study some professional accounting qualifications.

For those of you who read my job search advice, you must have noted that I always emphasize networking for jobs. Many companies get job vacancies every day and if you have many friends who matter in such companies, at one time, one will have to tell you about a vacancy. Some companies fear to go public in announcing jobs in order to protect their public image. Therefore, making friends among people who work will help, and what I know is that making a friend is not had.

You should not forget that when you go for an accounting job interview, things will get practical, so you should make sure you do not forget to make your balance sheets and reconciliation statements. This where people with fewer academic papers beat those with many when it comes to accounting jobs.

How to get Legitimate Data Entry Jobs

I am one of those people who think that data entry jobs are fun, to make it better again, data entry jobs are many and easily found. I have seen some companies which only operate as data entry companies both with some operating offline and some operating as online data entry companies.

Whatever the case, to work as an a data entrant, you will need to have sound computer knowledge, let me hope I am not scaring you, what you need is not the programming but a little computer knowledge to help you enter data you have been assigned for you data entry job.

Some companies will require that you have to know excel and access for you to get a data entry job but I have also seen others using word to enter their data. However, some companies especially those offline will only give data entry jobs to those with some knowledge of data entry packages like SPSS, STATA or EPinfo. But that is in a very rare case, which means that just knowing how to type may earn you a good data entry job.

Therefore, when you finally chose a data entry company to register with online, you will be required to enter some application forms. This is where you should get careful, if you see that a company is demanding money from you to register or to work as their data entrant, you need to really slow down. Legitimate data entry companies will not require you to pay them for a job but they will rather pay you for the work you do for the.

Most internet data entry companies will link you to an employer or company whose work you will do and always make sure that the payment methods are clear and transparent. Other wise, I would advise all who can to try out on the data entry jobs since they are cost effective and you can earn some good money from them. I will conclude by saying that you should get money from doing data entry jobs and you should not pay any money to do them.

Quickly get Finance Jobs

Finance departments are always important for a company, which means that finance jobs are equally important. Finance jobs just like the marketing jobs and accounting jobs are all well paying and people with them normally enjoy good salaries.

The good thing with finance jobs is that they are readily available since nearly companies need finance mangers and finance controllers. However, finance jobs are not for everyone, since this department is a bit tricky one, you will have to be knowledge for you to get a finance job.

In order to get a finance job or jobs in finance or work in Zambia, you will have to be with a finance qualification which can be a degree in finance or any other degree but majoring in finance that is for at least to be on a safe side, I have also realize that people with professional finance qualifications stand a good chance to get finance jobs.
Unlike many other job interviews, I have noticed that in most cases, people who go finance jobs normally have aptitude tests, and also given practical tests, you may also be required to prove your working experience if any.

To be sincere, working experience is very important for all job types but that should not be an hindrance for anyone who wants to find jobs, working experience can be obtained from anywhere, if you think your curriculum vitae will not cover up enough for, you can volunteer in any business in a finance job role so that you can build up your curriculum vitae.

I have always written in my articles that if you need to get jobs, you have to network and get links and contacts of people who matter. You should not get ashamed, make sure you get friends from people whom you think have the capability to link you to a job. Many companies get job vacancies and it is employees who get to know about them. If such job opportunities come by, they will be able to tell you.

How to easily get Marketing Jobs

Marketing is one of the best paying professions, the good thing with marketing jobs; marketing jobs are turning out to be a little bit tricky given the fact that their counterpart sales jobs are the ones employers would like to give out more so that they can instantly increase their sales.

If you want to get a marketing job in Zambia, you will need to first of all to have a marketing qualification or a qualification in a related field. Many employers are now looking for people with marketing qualifications to fill marketing vacancies in their business. These can include a degree in Marketing or a degree in sales management.

However, people with professional marketing qualifications are these days having higher chances of getting marketing jobs compared to those who do not have them. The world is also changing, so you will need to be out of the cloud for you to get your marketing job. This means that you should avoid being in the cloud of marketing jobs seekers who have first degrees, you can go for a second or a professional marketing qualification for you to be a bit different from others.

I have also realized that many companies need experienced marketing professionals, this means that even though you have never had a formal marketing job, you should spice up your curriculum vitae with working experience from anywhere, I am not telling to lie because you may get caught, but to be sincere, it will be had for you to get a marketing job when you do not have working experience yet others you contesting with for the job are having good employment history.

Before you go for a marketing interview, it is advised that you get all the information concerning the market of industry you are apply for, most of the questions from marketing interviews come from current market news, this means that you should be bale to study the competitors in the market and show your interviewers how you will help them to be the number one company.

Marketing job interviews are many times tricky because are mainly behavior interviews, so you will need to have at your finger tips some of the marketing problem scenarios you have ever encountered and how you over came them.
Marketing jobs also require negotiation skills and innovativeness; you will need to show to the interview panel that you are good at negotiating, and that your communication skills are also good.

How to get Zambia Government Jobs

The Zambian government is arguably the biggest employer in the country. The range of jobs include, Teaching Jobs, Army Jobs, Police Jobs, Jobs in Zambia Ministries, Local government jobs like at the constituencies, provinces and other levels, driving jobs, jobs in government departments and so many others.

You can visit government offices and drop your CV or even check out the advertised jobs in Newspapers, Zambia Jobs Websites or any Media which can include Television and Radio.

Jobs in Zambia Provinces, Cities and Towns

Fact is, jobs variety differ depending on the place you staying in. Most jobs in Zambia can be found within Lusaka. So, looking for Jobs in Lusaka is a safer bet if you have you papers. The Job in Copperbelt province comes in close. You can easily get Jobs in Ndola and Jobs in Kitwe compared to other places apart from Lusaka.  Other places can be Jobs in Kitwe, Jobs in Livingstone (Jobs in Southern Province) etc. The central provinces also has some jobs especially in Kitwe. The more populated the area, the bigger the possibly of finding a job and that’s why Lusaka is far ahead of the rest.

Popular Jobs in Zambia

There are many types of Jobs in Zambia. Here is just a list of popular and on demand jobs in Zambia. They include low paying jobs and high paying Jobs.

Mining Jobs
Construction Workers
Specialist Doctor
Petroleum Engineer
Finance Manager
IT Manager
Legal Jobs which includes Lawyers and Legal Assistants
Marketing Manager
Project Manager
Fuel Attendants
Human Resources and Public Relations Officers

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