Senior Condition Monitoring Analyst, Fixed Plant

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Overall Job Purpose 

  • This role holder supervises condition monitoring analysts in conducting all condition monitoring functions on process plant equipment which includes Vibrations, Temperatures, Pressures, Oil levels and NDT

Specific Job Responsibility

The specific tasks to be performed by the position holder will include;

Conduct reviews of the Condition Monitoring function to identify actions for Continuous Improvement

  • Continuously engage execution teams to ensure that the reports of Condition Monitoring Analysts provide actionable information which is accurate & reliable.
  • Monitor compliance of Condition Monitoring inspections and keep data up to date according to inspection frequencies extracted from equipment strategies and individual equipment with special conditions
  • Manage, organize and supervise specialized Condition Monitoring works performed by external contractors.

Analyse and trend predictive maintenance data to identify and implement potential resource optimisation initiatives

  • Constantly refine the condition-based maintenance program with the aim of forewarning execution teams of impending failure to increase the lead time to react.
  • Providing feedback to the Reliability Engineer, Maintenance Tactic highlighting time-based PM’s that may be phased out.

Develop and maintain condition monitoring procedures and standards

  • Develop procedures to standardize all condition monitoring processes and application of predictive maintenance techniques.
  • Document all aspects relevant to application of predictive maintenance techniques such as: Equipment Inspected, Instruments Calibrations, Consumables, inventories, inspection worksheets, etc.

Development of an asset health framework for the process plant

  • Identify the appropriate condition monitoring techniques to track the health of all fixed assets within the operational framework of the processing plant.
  • Work with the planning team to implement Condition Monitoring Strategies as an input for the most practical and cost effective maintenance possible.
  • Identify opportunities to automate condition monitoring through the usage of new technology.

Identify and procure all tooling and equipment in support of condition monitoring strategies;

  • Be up to date with the latest technology for measuring specific equipment parameters to note signs of significant changes that could be indicative of an impending failure.
  • Ensure the timely calibration and upgrading of condition monitoring hardware.
  • Justifying investment in tools and equipment whose expenses can be returned by preventing costly unplanned downtime as a result of machine failure, as well as eliminating the unnecessary maintenance costs associated with scheduling maintenance based on operating hours rather than actual condition.

Develop the future and coach the current condition monitoring analysts

  • Identify shop floor artisans with the interest and potential to be trained in condition monitoring techniques for data collection and analysis.
  • Sight gaps in skills among the condition monitoring analysts and recommend appropriate training where required.
  • Offer on the job training on a needs basis for the analysts through methods such as observation, auditing or physical demonstration and placing on assignments that improve the required skills

Job Specific Competencies 

  • Certification in predictive maintenance techniques such as vibration analysis at least Level II, NDT Level II and above. Oil analysis, thermography and Ultrasonic or Ultrasound certification will be an added advantage.
  • Able to prepare basic training material on the condition monitoring techniques employed in the process plant.
  • Must be computer literate i.e., MS Word, Excel, Outlook, MS Project.

Key Job Attributes

  • Must have good record keeping skills and be able to achieve targets with minimal supervision.
  • Have good communication skills in the English language with an emphasis on writing skills.
  • Must be self-driven.
  • Ability to attend to multiple requests in a timely manner.
  • Good organiser and efficient resource allocator ensuring that both delegated and personally executed tasks are done with a high level of quality.

Experience required to perform in this job

  • At least 5 years condition monitoring experience in the mining industry
  • Proficiency with maintenance and reliability systems (ERP or CMMS, monitoring systems; SCADA, OsiSoft PI and/or databases in general).
  • Experience in fixed plant facilities.
  • Previous experience with RCM, FMEA, MTA or any other equipment strategy identification methodology.
  • Experience with contamination control.
  • Experience in development of equipment health reports.


  • Grade 12 Certificate
  • Minimum of Diploma qualifications in either mechanical, electrical or mining disciplines.

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