Heavy Truck Driver

Mufulira Mine

Heavy Truck Driver with a valid Zambian driving license urgently required Duties:

Carry out routine checks on their trucks every time they drive them

Weigh their truck before and after it is loaded

Supervise or help with the loading of their truck

Check the condition of the load and that it is securely fastened

Follow the correct safety procedures

Check all the documentation related to loads they are carrying

Drive a truck to make deliveries or pick up goods

Keep a log book of the hours they work.

Skills and knowledge

Excellent driving skills

Basic knowledge of the mechanics of their truck and how to maintain it

Knowledge of different methods of securing and covering loads such as how to use chains, locks and straps

An understanding of the road code, defensive driving techniques and relevant transport laws

Knowledge of emergency procedures and how to identify and handle hazardous road conditions

Knowledge of the area they work in and the correct routes to take

The ability to use satellite tracking equipment and on-board computers.

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