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Finance Manager

We are looking to fill the position of Finance Manager with the following.

This is an all-encompassing position with the following Duties and Responsibilities.

LMA (Lead, Manage, and Hold People Accountable)

Inspire staff and provide clear direction to carry out mission and vision, allocate necessary tools and resources, and opportunities for delegation for direct reports while executing the VTO, including taking clarity breaks to work “on” the business, and ensure staff understand organizational tools (VTO, Theory of Change, and their own roles and rocks)

Keep expectations clear, communicate well, and have the right meeting pulse for direct reports, use rewards and recognition to provide quick positive and corrective feedback, and reliably hold quarterly conversations

Ensure direct reports are accountable for results, lead them to get necessary jobs done well

Be positive and supportive of SHN decisions and expectations to be an example of a hopeful attitude

Be an example of spiritual growth by practicing personal daily habits of faithfulness. Talk about those habits when with your staff and ask them about theirs. Hold discipleship in high regard and add to Level 10s every time. Pray with your staff. Prioritize faith, yours, and your staff members.

Conduct performance evaluations on staff

Train staff on bible study skills, leadership skills, management skills, emotional intelligence in the workplace, and professionalism

Be a person of integrity, who is ethically honest and above reproach, able to work in an organized and timely way.

Carry out financial tasks in such a way that when donors, potential grantors, or auditors check, SHN is organized, finding receipts and totals is easy, and there is clarity of reporting.

Push SHN to be a more ethical, transparent ministry that follows all laws, pays all taxes, treats our workers with the honor they are due, and continues to grow in this area.

Daily Tasks

Load all payments into a bank account for payment, after getting the correct approvals and making a payment voucher.

Keep detailed organized records of all intake and outflow of money, including petty cash, banking, revenue, and payments

oversee Finance Assistant to make sure all entries are correct and teach to correct any errors

Make sure SHN and Manager’s Petty Cash is updated daily and all records kept

Check budget monthly, report to Head Managers and Executive Team if they are over budget

aid in the creation of a yearly budget, enter into Quickbooks as soon as approved

Put in prepayment of funds into appropriate accounts (cGrate, Puma, etc).

Reconcile the previous day’s transactions

Respond to all emails relating to finance as soon as possible

Record all transactions in both soft and hard copy

Reconcile monthly cashbook

Make sure cash flow is up-to-date

Make sure SHN, and Managers’ petty cash has enough for the following month

Maintain impeccable records, keeping systems currently working in both paper and digital formats.

Create reports for Board meetings, executive team meetings and other requests

Resources and Roadblocks

Identify necessary resources and communicate needs to the executive team

Assist in budget development and carry out programs for budget management

Identify roadblocks that cause consistent barriers to success and develop and execute a plan to remove roadblocks, for yourself and your assistant.

Daily Financial Oversight

Vendor Invoices / Payments / Payment Vouchers:

Send photo of Vendor invoices on the Invoice Only group w/Pay Voucher if necessary

Post Payment Vouchers to GL received by scan


Check FNB Accounts for Bank Card Purchases

Gather backup receipts for Bank Card Purchases

Give Bank Card Purchases a Check # from the Voucher # spreadsheet

Write up a Payment Voucher for Bank Card Purchase

Petty Cash

Enter Petty Cash Receipts from the Managers into the PC Worksheet

Collect PC Receipts and file

Sales Receipts:

Write up Sales Receipts as donations/payments are made

Record Sales Receipt on the Sales Receipt worksheet

In-Kind Donations:

Track In-Kind Donations


Enter Inventory Adjustments for what was taken

Do a physical count

Bank Deposit:

Prepare an FNB Bank Deposit before month-end

Use the Deposit Worksheet to match cash funds in the cash box to what is recorded

Give the Deposit a Deposit Number

Talk Time & ZESCO

Confirm with the Operations on the amounts to be paid for TT & ZESCO

Create the files that need to be uploaded to Konse Konse

Upload the files

Month End Journal Entries:

Journal Entries need to be done monthly for:


Talk Time / Zesco


Petty Cash

Use the checklist in the cGrate Spreadsheet to note that the entries have been done.

Incentive Packs / DLS Payments

Once a way to track these payments is determined, track each month


Help with monthly Payroll Entry

Interested candidates should send their CVs

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