• Full Time
  • Lusaka


Job Vacancy: Detective

Company: Apex

Location: Lusaka, Zambia

Job Description:

Apex is seeking skilled and analytical Detectives to investigate and solve criminal cases. The Detective will gather evidence, conduct interviews, and collaborate with law enforcement agencies to solve crimes and ensure justice.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Investigate criminal cases and gather evidence.
  • Conduct interviews and interrogations.
  • Analyze evidence and prepare detailed reports.
  • Collaborate with law enforcement agencies and legal professionals.
  • Testify in court as an expert witness.
  • Stay updated on the latest investigative techniques and technologies.


  • Proven experience as a Detective or in a similar investigative role.
  • Strong knowledge of criminal law and investigative procedures.
  • Ability to use investigative tools and technology.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Criminology, or a related field.


  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Strong attention to detail and observational skills.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills.


  • At least 3-5 years of experience in law enforcement or criminal investigation.
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