Job interviews in Zambia – 5 Things you Should never Ask

Job Interviews in Zambia can be tricky. There comes a time when the interviewer gives a chance to the interviewee to ask questions. These questions are supposed to let the interviewer know if you have been paying attention as well as allow you a chance to know a little bit better about the job you are interviewing for. That is why asking the wrong question is quite easy; here are some of the questions you should never ask during a job interview and why you should never ask them.

  1. Salary or benefits related questions

For those doing Job Interviews in Zambia, Asking how much you will be paid, or what kind of benefits you would get or any salary related questions simply shows that you are more interested in the monies you would gain, and not the privilege that working with the company offers. This question is really in bad taste especially if the interviewers don’t ask the question first. Try as much as possible to show that the most important thing for you is to work, gain the experience and be associated with such a prestigious company. No employer wants to think that they are not valued, remember that your experience will give you a bigger chance to get a better job.

  • Can I arrive early or late as long as I meet my deadlines?

This is tantamount to saying I am not ready to fit in the company culture and I want to continue doing my own thing. This also shows you are not easy to work with and manage, it typically shows you are hard to be with generally. Instead, just be observant, be open to getting to that point when you can have a personal talk with your supervisor or manager. Remember, at this point, the most important thing is not the hardships of the job, but rather you getting the actual job.

  • Could you please tell me my exact job description?

Who goes to a job interview in Zambia and doesn’t know what they are going to do? I know; it is an unserious person! Search about the job you are interviewing for, you should be comfortable with the kind of job description that the employer has laid down, you should know what to do. This also shows how lazy you are; instead, review the job description prior to the interview, it might also be a good idea to review other job descriptions of other companies to know the wide range of duties that are set before you. Show you are interested in the job by being ready for the interview.

  • Is there a policy against dating a fellow employee?

Of all the questions you could ask, why ask this? It simply shows you are interested in anything, but work. No one wants to hire an employee who will cause cat fights because of cheating and such, or a woman who will set her eyes on other women’s husbands. Completely stay away from these questions.

  • What does this company do?

It is uncouth not to know which company you are interviewing for, if you have tried to find the information but failed, it might be wise to start with this fact. For example; I have searched for the company and what it does from different perspectives in vain, could you please enlighten me? However, you have to ensure that you indeed searched for the company; otherwise if it is false information, your incompetence will glare at your face.

Other questions to consider staying away from

  • How soon can I be promoted?
  • When can I expect a raise?
  • What about over time?
  • What are the requirements of this job?
  • Who is my main competition?
  • Do you have other available jobs?
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