Easily Get Human Resource Jobs in Zambia (HR)

Looking for an Human Resource jobs in Zambia, here is what you need to know

Human Resource jobs in Zambia are much thought after jobs. Many people use google to search for jobs but end up failing because they have skied the basics as listed in this article. Seeking to have a career in Human Resources, here is what you need to know.

What is Human Resources?

As a human resources employee, you will be responsible for developing, managing and maintaining the company’s culture, right from values, vision, ideals, norms, working language as well as systems and habits. Because of this, the level of success for the company is largely dependent on how you handle your work. The level of responsibility will largely depend on your papers and experience.

What do you need to study?

Universities in Zambia offer a course of Human Resource management, right from certificate level, up to master’s level. If you already have a degree in a different discipline, you might want to upgrade with a post graduate certificate or diploma in HR management. However, you should seek the relevant guidance from the university or someone who might have more experience on how best to go about a career change.

What are some of the specific job roles?

  1. Carry out the recruitment process

One of the major functions of an HR employee in Zambia is to carry out the recruitment process, this involves defining job descriptions, placing job ads, interview potential employees, contact those hired and orient them into the company culture as well as ensure that they do their job the way they are meant to do. Depending on which level you want to be, you will carry out different aspects of the recruitment process. For example, the HR manager may be in charge of defining job descriptions while the HR assistant may be tasked with contacting potential employees through one on one phone calls or email. However, the HR director may be in charge of determining which job positions need to be filled.

  • Handle employee payroll

This will require you to liaise with other departments such as the finance department to provide essential information that ensures that the payroll is carried out in accordance with the company’s policies. This means you are able to ensure that each employee gets the amount of monies due him or her, including benefits, minus the right deductions.

  • Train and mentor other employees

Since your role is to ensure that the company gets the best out of its employees, training and mentoring other employees comes with the job. You will identify training needs of the employees, arrange training sessions and even conduct some of them if need be, ensure employees’ attendance and then carry out an assessment to see if the trainings yielded the desired results. Additionally, you might have to play the mentor role to employees who need boosting so as to ensure that they carry out their jobs.

  • Oversee administration functions

You will have to oversee as well as carry out an assortment of administration functions such as filing and keeping all staff documents in an organized way, ensure confidentiality, non-exposure of private information concerning staff members and anything to do with the company at large. You will also handle administrative requirements for the repair and maintenance of office equipment and make sure all office equipment are available for staff use at all times.

  • Carry out the discipline function

As an HR employee, from time to time, you will be required to ensure that the employees are kept in check and that they follow the laid down company guidelines. This will involve punishing or disciplining employees who break the laws, resolve complaints and grievances as well as adhere to the employee code of conduct. Once again, you will carry out this function depending on the level of expertise.

HR jobs

Here is a list of jobs you can do as an HR employee

  • HR Assistant
  • HR Officer
  • HR Manager
  • HR & Administration Officer
  • Talent officer/Chief Talent officer
  • HR Director/Deputy Director, HR
  • Benefits officer/Director
  • Payroll officer/Director
  • Compensation officer/Director
  • Recruitment officer/Manager/Director
  • Training officer/Manager/Director
  • Talent Acquisition officer/Manager/Director
  • HR Clerk
  • HR & Administrative Assistant


Though most Human Resource jobs in Zambia can be found in Lusaka, other areas like Kitwe, Ndola, Livingngstone, Kabwe and all provinces of Zambia have such jobs in plenty

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