Easily Find a Job in Zambia

Zambia has a relatively small population but a very big attraction from people looking for jobs from all over the world. This has led to a very high competition in the job search market.

Finding new Jobs in Zambia, ZAMBIA is now getting tougher every passing day. It is interesting to note that ZAMBIA has around twenty million (20,000,000). In the recent times, there has been an influx of people who have joined the Zambia  Jobs market. However, these tips can easily help you get a job in Zambia quickly

Apply online before Leaving

When you apply on online before setting off for Zambia, the company will be able to work on your Visa, Air tickets and other issues which may be a little had to for you to work on. You will also be assured of a job the day you set foot on ZAMBIA soil. It will save you from the hustle of walking on the ZAMBIA streets in search of a job. There are many online sources where you can apply for jobs, websites like https://www.bestzambiajobs.com list current jobs in the Zambia

WhatsApp Groups

Zambians who have sought for jobs in ZAMBIA will tell you the benefit of WhatsApp groups. Actually, most people get jobs through this avenue. However, you should avoid conmen and women who use WhatsApp by posting false nonexistent jobs. A big percentage of jobs posted though Whatsapp are scams

Walk-in Interview

Companies in ZAMBIA normally set up walk-in interview days. This is a day when everyone is free to walk into that company for an interview (Walk-in). You will need to get information about the available walk-In   interviews which is the most popular way of finding a job in ZAMBIA. You can get that information from friends, whatsapp groups, newspapers or websites.  Just make sure you look presentable on the day of the interview. Many companies also prefer workers below the age of 30 or those who look young

Door to Door

This is the most popular way of searching for jobs In ZAMBIA, just make sure you have written many Cvs which you will be taking to different employers. The CV must be professionally written and you should not seem so desperately written. However, its ok to let the employer know that your VISA may expire soon so that they can decide in time. You will have take you CV to Zambia malls and many other companies.

Well, even if the job market is getting tougher every day, there are still lots of opportunities for Kenyans to get that covet job in Zambia. Just be smart in your job search and try to avoid scam in all ways. Never pay money to anyone in ZAMBIA for a job. However, there are job agents who may need money before finding you a job, but even then, you have to pay them after you have signed the job offer letter.  Many bad people may get you email and send you offers but ask for money before you get a job, please do not waste your time in replying them.

The Zambiais a good a country with many nationalities, there are lots of Kenyans too and you can join them if you use the right methods in your job search.

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