Air Export Agent Jobs in Zambia

An Air Export Agent in Zambia plays a crucial role in facilitating the export of goods by air. This position involves coordinating shipments, ensuring compliance with customs regulations, and providing excellent customer service to clients. Air Export Agents work for freight forwarding companies, logistics firms, and airlines, contributing to the smooth flow of goods in the global market.

Job Description

The primary responsibility of an Air Export Agent is to oversee the export process for air shipments. This includes preparing documentation, arranging transportation, and coordinating with various stakeholders, such as shippers, carriers, and customs officials. Air Export Agents must have a strong understanding of international trade regulations and be proficient in logistics and freight forwarding operations.

Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Documentation: Prepare and review export documentation, including shipping labels, commercial invoices, and export declarations. Ensure all documents comply with customs regulations and shipping requirements.
  • Booking: Arrange transportation for air shipments, including booking cargo space with airlines and coordinating pickup and delivery schedules.
  • Customer Service: Provide assistance and support to clients throughout the export process. Address inquiries, resolve issues, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Customs Clearance: Coordinate with customs brokers to ensure smooth clearance of goods through customs. Verify that all necessary paperwork and permits are in order.
  • Logistics Coordination: Coordinate with carriers, trucking companies, and other logistics partners to ensure timely pickup and delivery of shipments.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with export regulations, trade sanctions, and export control laws. Stay updated on changes in regulations and communicate requirements to clients and colleagues.
  • Documentation: Maintain accurate records of shipments, including tracking information, customs documents, and shipping schedules.
  • Communication: Communicate effectively with internal teams, clients, and external partners to coordinate export activities and resolve issues.

Skills Needed for the Job

  1. Attention to Detail: High level of accuracy and attention to detail to ensure compliance with customs regulations and shipping requirements.
  2. Organizational Skills: Strong organizational skills to manage multiple shipments and deadlines effectively.
  3. Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills to interact with clients, colleagues, and external partners.
  4. Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to identify and resolve issues quickly and effectively, especially in fast-paced and dynamic environments.
  5. Customer Service: Dedication to providing exceptional customer service and building strong relationships with clients.
  6. Technical Skills: Proficiency in using shipping software, tracking systems, and other logistics tools.
  7. Knowledge of Regulations: Understanding of international trade regulations, export controls, and customs procedures.
  8. Teamwork: Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and external partners to achieve common goals.

Qualifications Needed for the Job

  1. Educational Background: A high school diploma or equivalent is typically required. Additional education or training in logistics, international trade, or a related field is beneficial.
  2. Experience: Previous experience in freight forwarding, logistics, or export operations is preferred. Entry-level positions may be available for candidates with relevant internships or coursework.
  3. Certifications: Certification in logistics or freight forwarding from reputable organizations can enhance career prospects.
  4. Language Skills: Proficiency in English is essential. Knowledge of other languages, especially those commonly used in international trade, such as French or Mandarin, may be advantageous.
  5. Computer Skills: Familiarity with shipping software, Microsoft Office, and other relevant computer applications.

Where to Find Jobs in Zambia

  1. Freight Forwarding Companies: International freight forwarding companies operating in Zambia, such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS, often have openings for Air Export Agents.
  2. Logistics Firms: Local logistics companies specializing in air cargo transportation and export services.
  3. Airlines: Major airlines operating in Zambia, such as Zambia Airways and Proflight Zambia, may have positions for Air Export Agents in their cargo departments.
  4. Trade Associations: Professional associations such as the Zambia Association of Freight Forwarders (ZAFFA) may provide job listings and networking opportunities.
  5. Online Job Portals: Websites such as Best Zambia Jobs, Indeed, and Glassdoor often feature job postings for Air Export Agents and other logistics professionals.


Air Export Agents play a vital role in facilitating international trade by air, ensuring the smooth flow of goods across borders. Their expertise in logistics, customs clearance, and customer service is essential for the efficient operation of global supply chains. In Zambia, aspiring Air Export Agents should focus on gaining relevant education, experience, and certifications to excel in this dynamic and rewarding career. With the right skills and qualifications, Air Export Agents can contribute to the growth and success of the logistics industry in Zambia and beyond.

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